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    Gözler Lavander Garden

    Large lavender fields are cultivated in Pamukkale, the city of nature and history, thanks to the rapidly developing medicinal and aromatic plant production in recent years. The permanent and pleasant scent of lavender, known for years, is still used in the perfume and cosmetics industry today. While strolling in the lavender gardens where you can experience Pamukkale in a different way, you can witness the harvest that takes place in September and feel the pleasant smell that spreads around. The active ingredients found in the leaves and branches of lavender provide a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system. Lavender oil, an essential oil obtained from lavender and used for aromatherapy, gives a calm and comfortable sleep pleasure, is also immensely popular. To make your visit to Pamukkale unforgettable, do not return without lavender scented washcloths and natural lavender oil.

    Thyme and Sage Scent

    The aromatic and pleasant scent of the fresh thyme produced by organic methods in Pamukkaledistrict of Denizli takes people to completely different memories. Thyme, which adds flavor to meals, also stimulates appetite with its scent. You can find peace with its pleasant aroma while sipping your tea brewed from healing herbal sage. Region-specific natural thyme and sage can be purchased from the market in the city center.

    Pine Scent in Kefe Plateau

    The scent of the pine trees combined with the abundant oxygen of the Kefe Plateau, 1100 metersabove sea level, is beautiful enough to revitalize and refresh the person. You can breathe in the fresh air emanating from larch, red pine and juniper trees covering the lush green slopes.

    Pine Scent in Çamlık Park

    You can participate in sports activities or you can take a rest among the pine trees in recreation areas such as Çamlık Park, İncilipınar Park, Eskihisar Park in Denizli city center, which attracts attention with the size of their green areas.

    Sulfur Scent in Kaklık Cave

    Kaklık Cave (Kaklık Mağarası), a unique beauty famous for its stalactites and stalagmites, is also known for its intense sulfur scent. Although the smell of sulfur is disturbing to many people, the components in sulfur are good for some skin diseases and give softness to the hair. You can renew your hair and skin by swimming in small sulfur pools formed underground.