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  • 48 hours

    in Denizli

    First Day

    You can visit the magnificent architecture of Hierapolis Ancient City, which is located in the center and is the symbol of the city, and you can go on a historical journey. The Hierapolis Archeology Museum, located in Hierapolis Ruins, should definitely be visited. You can enjoy the healing thermal waters by discovering the unique beauty of travertines. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view with the balloon tour.

    You can taste the indispensable taste of Denizli cuisine, Denizli Kebab, Tavas Baklava and Pita with Tahini with Honey. You can find healing in the thermal waters of Karahayıt, Sarayköy, Yenicekent Thermal Springs and take advantage of health tourism opportunities. You can visit the historical Buldan houses and Buldan market, and buy traditional weaving products of the region. You can visit both natural beauties and colorful houses of Babadağ and go on a nostalgic journey.

    Second Day

    In Çameli, which stands out with its ecotourism opportunities, you can get enough of sports and nature on mountain bike tracks and paragliding tracks. You can benefit from the regenerative power of nature in the cool waters of Emecik Canyon. You can buy Elmalı cloth and rugs, local handicrafts of Çameli, and buy registered and deliciously unique Çameli beans. In the villages of Çameli, you can experience the local culture of the local people and listen to the pine whistle, which has survived from generation to generation, from the local people.