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  • 10 vibes for Denizli

    like locals

    Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, give a unique sense of natural beauty and indescribable texture with its calcareous structure, snow-white color and the warmth of the thermal water.

    Laodikeia, which is of great importance for the Christian world, has been a “holy pilgrimage center”since the 4th century AD. Laodikeia (Pilgrimage) Church, which is mentioned in the Bible and is one of the seven churches of Anatolia (Seven Churches of Revelation), is located here.

    The nebula image formed by white travertines takes on different colors at sunset. Watching a bird’s eye view of this magnificent natural beauty by a balloon tour and landing over the ancient city with paraglide is another source of pleasure. It is necessary to experience this unique experience in Pamukkale, where nature makes its art speak and where Hierapolis stands out with its magnificent appearance.

    Thermal pleasure and mud bath in Karahayıt and Yenicekent Hot Springs; Thermal waters and thermal mud of Karahayıt Hot Springs in Pamukkale district are a valuable health resource in terms of rich mineral content.

    Mountain Biking in Çameli and paragliding in Yaylacık Mountain; enjoying nature sports on the one hand, exploring the lush pine forests of Çameli and feeling the wind blowing on high peaks on your skin on the other hand, is a unique experience.

    Camping and tents in Kefe and Topuklu Plateaus; The scent of the pine trees combined with the abundant oxygen of the Kefe Plateau, which is 1100 meters above sea level, is beautiful enough to revitalize and refresh the person.

    Historical Buldan and Babadağ houses and streets; In Buldan and Babadağ districts and Kızılcabölük Neighborhood of Tavas district, woven fabrics, fabrics, clothes and home textile products woven with traditional methods on hand looms and colored with natural dyes have a world-renowned reputation.

    In addition to the rich variety of dishes unique to Denizli cuisine, meat dishes specific to the region are also made in Denizli, where vegetable dishes are predominant with the influence the culinary culture of Aegean region.

    Kaklık and Keloğlan Caves, which are uniquely beautiful with their stalactites and stalagmites, are among the important natural beauties.

    Zeybek music appears as a common folklore element in Denizli and its regions. Zeybek musics, which create a rich melodic structure with various instrumental and vocal sounds, are played with drum-zurna, drum-clarinet or meydan sazı and darbuka.